What Writers Don’t Share

Cally A

What writers often forget to say in their advice to newbies in the writing game is that life often intrudes.  There are doctor appointments to make and go to for yourself, your spouse, and any little ones you have in your care.  There are bills to pay and errands to run.  Then there are storms and internet issues that can come along.  Which can explain why writing a novel is a journey.  Then there is also your desire to spend time with your love ones.  That aside I am currently on the fourth revision




These pages contain  a human soul.  All its hopes, dreams, fears, pains, and joys are  on display for all to see.  It is a journey of self discovery and (you the brave reader) may just find pieces of yourself along the way.  You, who follow will watch as the voice grows from a child into an adult.  Please tread carefully as I guide you through a human soul.