Cally AThat Fateful Night

It is August 14, 2121; June Campbell is throwing herself a birthday party in her house. It is a formal affair that includes the upper crust of Los Angeles society. Her winding driveway is filled with limos and exotic cars, each one more luxurious than the last.

Her best friend Calakowa promised to attend even though there will be many vampires in attendance. Cally venomously hates vampires but could not say no on June’s 30th birthday.

After making sure the preparations have been taken care of, June goes upstairs to dress. She puts on her green taffeta dress and the gold jewelry she picked specifically for the dress. The dress looks painted on June’s 5’6”, 115 lb. frame. Her shoulder length blond hair hangs in waves. Her hazel eyes are emphasized by the earth tones of her makeup. She goes down to greet her arriving guest.

June decorated her ballroom in a style reminiscent of royal celebrations. Due to vampires’ hypersensitivity, the chandeliers emit soft amber light. She had new, thick maroon velvet drapes tied with silver chords hung on the windows and French doors to add ambience, this is to appeal to the vampires’ love of elegance. The drapes go from the texture ceiling to the smoky gray carpet that outlines the dance floor. The ballroom walls and ceiling serve as canvases for beautiful frescos in renaissance style.

A dozen four-person tables frame the mahogany dance floor, and two long buffet tables stand on the right side of the room with a variety of meats ranging from kissed by flame to medium rare covering them. The smell of the meats combine with the perfumes and colognes of the guest creating an aroma that does to appetites what fanning embers does to a fire.

June has even hired a full orchestra for the occasion and carefully chose the music to be played, a mix of classics with modern sounds. The play list gives the guest ample opportunity to prove that ballroom dancing in its many forms is not a lost art after all.

A rainbow of exquisitely dressed vampires and humans, most of them wanting to be vampires, fill the room eating, drinking, chatting, and dancing. The servers weaving in and out of the crowd with trays of glasses are also dressed impeccably. June is doing her best to mingle with all of her guest as well as supervise the catering staff.

A powerful vampire named Jared Blackwell is drinking a glass of bloodine, a mixture of blood and chilled, dark red wine while watching the festivities. He’s leaning in the doorway of the French doors that lead out to the terrace, He scans the room and his eyes notices and follows a beautiful woman as she comes into the room and sits in the corner on the opposite side of the dance floor. She has long, jet black hair pinned up with curls cascading down her back. He thinks to himself, “Her skin glows as if sun-kissed”. He also appreciates the way the blue silk of her gown pours over her hourglass figure, yet leaves her shoulders and neck bare. That spark of life coming from her, even at this distance, makes her a vampire’s dream.

Jared knows full well who she is and has watched her obsessively during other parties at June’s house. He knows her name, her parents’ names, her status, and has enjoyed the many novels she has written.

According to his sources, the council is voting on a list of potential threats to be put into a camp, Cally is on that list. Jared has plans, which does not include her encampment, and he knows what to do to prevent it. It is time for him to make his move. First, he locates June, knowing, he needs a formal introduction.

June wants desperately to become a vampire but cannot seem to find a willing sponsor among her vampiric friends and she chose her guests for the purpose of finding one. Jared knowing this all too well strides over to her. He knows that she can at least formally introduce him to the woman. He is a vampire who gets what he wants and this is no exception.

“Happy birthday, June. This is a delightful party as usual. This one is particularly for vampires’ enjoyment. Rumor has it you are looking for a sponsor, could that be the reason for the special attention to vampiric tastes?” Jared asks with a knowing smile on his face.

“Yes, I planned this party hoping to find a sponsor but no luck so far. Why do you ask Jared? You wouldn’t be interested, in sponsoring me would you?” June asks with interest.

“That depends on what arrangements can be made between us. Who is the beautiful woman in the blue dress?” Jared asks, while turning to look at Calakowa. He is keeping his knowledge of the woman to himself. “I have seen her at other parties of yours; she always sits in the corner. I have only seen her at your parties, so you must know her.” Jared emphasizesthe word yours.

“Oh, that is my best friend. She does not care for parties, which is why she does not mingle. She attends because we are like sisters and I throw so many she would hardly ever see me. I would be more than happy to introduce you,” June rambles. She nervously drums the fingers holding her glass. She senses that Jared might be interested in Cally and is hoping to use this interest for her own gain. She is not going to let on that he does not stand a chance against Calakowa’s prejudice.

“I would very much like an introduction. I would also like to know more about her, later. Shall we June” Jared offers his arm. June takes it and they walk around the edge of the dance floor, stopping to chat on the way, to cross the room towards Cally.

Calakowa Drakken watches as her best friend walks arm in arm with a male vampire dressed in a charcoal gray designer suit with a dark blue shirt. Her father trained her to recognize vampires at a distance. It is something in the way they walk and in a glow they have that few perceive. Cally learned her lesson well what vampires can do and the cruelty with which they do as they please. She remembered all that her father taught her but still. Her heartbeat speeds up.

She thinks “too bad he is a vampire because with his sandy blond hair and his athletic body. I could imagine those strong arms around me on a cold night.” She notices his piercing blue eyes that seem like ice as he stands in front of her, this is like a splash of cold water on her desire. Cally is grateful for the disruption of her thoughts. She had noticed him at other parties but the fact he is a vampire makes him off limits. She can fantasize about him as long as it goes no further.

“Calakowa this is Jared Blackwell of Blackwell industries. Jared this is Calakowa Drakken the bestselling author.” After she makes the introductions June walks away to mingle with the other guests.


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